Covid 19 coronavirus: ‘A stroke of luck’ to be on global cruise during pandemic

For Spanish traveller Carlos Payá, being on an around-the-globe luxury cruise while the rest of world scurried into their homes for fear of the Covid-19 pandemic was beyond surreal. It was “a stroke of good luck.”

Now, his trip inside the virus-free bubble that the Costa Deliziosa cruise ship became on its 15-week odyssey is coming to an end. The boat is steaming toward Barcelona, Spain, where it will make its first port-of-call on Monday after 35 days of continuous sailing with no human contact with the outside world.

“It was not surreal. It was incredible,” Payá told The Associated Press by text messages on Saturday evening. ¨We have family in our home countries. The news that was arriving from home was causing us all a lot of worry and grief. For us, it was a stroke of good luck to be where we were.”

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