Hawaii extends stay at home order through May 31

Hawaii Gov. David Ige has extended the statewide stay-at-home order to counter the spread of coronavirus until May 31.

While some states, such as Georgia, Alaska and Texas, have moved to loosen restrictions in recent weeks, the Aloha State will keep many public areas and businesses closed for at least another month. The order also extends the 14-day mandatory quarantine period for all arrivals to the Islands through May. As of April 30, Hawaii’s Department of Health had reported 609 cases and 16 deaths.

“This was not an easy decision. I know this has been difficult for everyone. Businesses need to reopen. People want to end this self-isolation, and we want to return to normal,” Ige said in his announcement. “But this virus is potentially deadly, especially for the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions. Thanks to our residents, we are flattening the curve, saving lives and avoiding a resurgence of this virus by not reopening prematurely.”

Under Hawaii’s stay-at-home order, it is permissible to leave one’s residence for essential needs, such as health care, groceries, medicine, gasoline and other services. Outdoor exercise, such as swimming, surfing and walking pets, is allowed. Reversing a prior policy, the new order permits running, jogging or walking on state beaches as long as social distancing requirements are followed.

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